FINALLY… You can stop feeling like you’re missing out on how to be successful in your life & business.
(and begin to trust yourself again…)

You’ve been spinning your wheels trying to make things happen. Buying every product under the sun, thinking this will be “it”, but there’s still something not quite working for you.

You’re stuck asking questions like, “What am I doing wrong?” when you are following someone else’s plan, and it only keeps getting you deeper into the hole of asking, “Why is it not working for me?

These are IMPORTANT questions with COMPLEX answers. But complex doesn’t have to mean complicated. Which is why I’ve put together a free resource to help you stop second guessing yourself and learn how to be Spiritually Present in Your Life and Business.

The Meditate, Create & Liberate
Meditation and Coaching 7-Day Mini E-course


  • Help you reduce anxiety, procrastination and distraction
  • Clarify exactly where you are wasting your energy and losing confidence
  • Help you determine how to use information from programs you’ve invested in
  • Introduce you to a unique process to help you to start creating your life on your own terms

7-Day Mini Ecourse Includes:

  • Full MCL Course Outline + Guide
  • Mini Tying Up Loose Ends Practice
  • Focused Awareness Intro Audio, Meditation
  • Focused Awareness Coaching Lesson

And accountability support with even more tools you can use right away…

I’ve Created This Specifically For:

  • Coaches, teachers, entrepreneurs, and leaders
  • Those who are hungry for ease in their life and business
  • Yoga teachers, wellness practitioners, therapists and healers
  • Full-time professionals looking for a more fulfilling way to live their life
  • Those who feel like a fraud because they still have deep soul work they need to do

Love for Meditate, Create & Liberate…

Trust yourself to create a life on your own terms with the
Meditate, Create & Liberate Meditation and Coaching
7-Day Mini-E-Course. (It’s Free!)

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